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The Broadcast Basement On-Demand Radio Network continues to grow, with over 250,000 individual household downloads in the past 12 months! Tracking of our bandwidth usage indicates over 1,000,000 clicks on our podcasts in the past year!

SOX IN THE BASEMENT download numbers are up 17.4% over the past year.

SOUTH SIDE POD download numbers are up 78.9% over the past year.

BUCS IN THE BASEMENT download numbers are up 36.8% over the past year.

And THE EP PODCAST continues to command 3-3.5k household downloads per month in a 7,000 household area.

Plus other podcasters enjoyed our high-end production and consulting services as they also grew, with YOUR ORGANIZED LIFE and THE ZEMAR PODCAST taking the lead.


Local. Dependable. Entertaining.

All at a great price. Target your next ad campaign to our listeners today! Start your own podcast with us!



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