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So, I Guess We're Bloggin Now

In 2018, The Broadcast Basement LTD was created with the core idea of creating local, targeted podcasts that would not only entertain but also provide potential advertisers with a valuable group of listeners. We had been simply podcasting since 2008, but with no true plan for creating revenue for the first 10 years. Now we have a local podcast covering the Village of Evergreen Park and immediate surrounding area. The EP Podcast provides a better advertising option than any other local entity, thus we can sell commercial ads at a rate higher than worldwide podcasts that cannot target specific geographical locations. That ad rate is still lower than other local competitors, which puts us in the sweet spot for revenue. We also have arguably the #1 White Sox podcast on the market, with the majority of the listener base located on the south side of Chicago and Northwest Indiana. Sox in the Basement provides local advertisers access to baseball fans at a lower price than traditional media, but a higher per-listener rate due to the local grouping of the listeners. Our newest podcast, South Side Pod, was launched in response to south Chicago suburbs near Evergreen Park and their local businesses asking for a similar property in their town.

We even have a Pittsburgh Pirates podcast, Bucs In the Basement, creating the same marketplace we found with Sox In The Basement in another major US city.

The next step logically seems to be consulting. What we have created is not the norm in the podcasting world, but it is also the rare "small market" podcast network that is self-sustaining and profitable. This blog, and a subsequent book, will be the start of our journey into teaching others how to do what was accomplished in The Broadcast Basement.


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